Healy Frequency Therapy                                              

  • Receive profound mental, emotional, physical relief while maintaining safe distancing! Clothed and resting upright, soft music plays, while we select your program. Comfortable wrist bands are applied, allowing the Quantum Frequencies & Microcurrent to work their magic! I wait outside yet check in periodically to ensure your session is running smoothly.

  • Excellent for: *Stress/Anxiety Reduction                          *Migraines

                                 *Physical Pain                                               *Sleep

                                 *Fibromyalgia                                               *Chronic Fatigue

                                 *Surgery Discomforts                                   *Grief/Loss 

                                 *Depression                                                  *Strengthening Immune Function

                                 *Learning & more.

  • Healy is an FDA cleared medical device, advanced German Technology. It analyzes the frequencies you need, then applies them exactly where repair or strengthening are necessary. Superb mental, emotional, physical & soul support. Pain/Psyche, Mental Balance, Sleep, Meridians, Bioenergetic Balance, Beauty/Skin, Fitness, Learning, are just a few of the areas that can be focused on

       60 Minute Session = $40

       90 Minute Session = $55

    receive $10 off your first session

   Discount Frequent Frequency

          Packages Available


Remote Frequency Healing

Far away or very near, for those that cannot receive touch or direct Healy Frequency Therapy. This allows the information field around the body to receive beneficial frequencies pertinent to what that individual needs now. Be it a physical, mental or emotional condition, or simply to help focus and learning, this approach can greatly support and move stuck energy. Can be used on pets or locations as well. 

                          Session rates begin at $35 and may increase depending on transmission duration. 


             "Since our treatment I have felt a huge weight has been lifted.

          I've been feeling so 'Awake' in a calm, grounded way. The constant

           ...body pain that I live with on a daily basis just simply isn't there.

  I keep searching for why I feel this way like searching my diet to see if I changed                                              something in the last few days...But it was our session!"       Stephanie M., MFT


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