Office Protective Measures

Safety is of utmost concern for us all. Here is a list of precautions in effect within the parameters of the

session & wait room.​

  • Non-toxic Hypochlorite Spray to all Surfaces, Door Frames, Fabrics

  • UV Light Disinfection to rooms

  • Alcohol Wipes provided for toilet seat sanitation

  • Hand Sanitizer provided in rooms

  • N95 Mask: I wear throughout session. Face Sheild may be included.

  • Client Mask: wear during session & can be provided if needed

  • Linens, Pillow Cases, Blankets etc: fresh for every client

  • Air Machine: high quality and runs consistently

  • Open windows: consistent air circulation 

             Sebastopol Medical Building                         707-953-3838                      Appointment Only                       

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