"With all the change occurring around us, freedom from pain, deeper sleep, anxiety release, digestive ease and calm inner strength are vital to meet it all with clarity and stronger immune function. Extra focus on mental, emotional, physical & soul health is more essential than ever! I'm happy to offer professional solutions here, that are designed to help support you with just that!"         

Ananda Fierro, LMT, CMT

Healy Frequency Therapy

Less contact yet profound results! Clothed, soft music plays, while select Frequencies work their magic through Microcurrent. I check on you periodically. Reduces/eliminates anxiety, deeply calms nervous system, reduces/eliminates

pain, improves sleep, digestion, focus & much more. FDA cleared medical device, refined German technology. Session are: 60 or 90 minutes.                  $10 off first session.    Remote Frequency Healing available.     Click here for more.                                                                                                                                       

Scar Release Therapy

Combines FDA approved, Microcurrent with Therapeutic Fascia Massage & Needle-free Acupuncture to create a very effective, pain-free treatment. In most cases, visible results occur quickly but a few sessions are recommended. Scar tissue softens, painful pulling decreases, circulation increases, nourishes cells with systemic results. For nearly all surgical & burn scars, cesarean, punctures, grafts, adhesions, hematoma and more. Sessions are: 90 minutes.                                                                                                                       Click here for more.                                                                                     


Massage: Myofascial/Neuromuscular

Releases areas of strain, trauma, over exertion & pain by manipulating soft tissue (fascia) and trigger points in a careful, direct manner. Depending on your condition, therapeutic stretching, Trager and Reiki energy balancing may be used to assist in the treatment. We evaluate pressure applied, and course correct where needed. Suggestions are made along the way to help improve your post experience. Sessions are: 60, 90 or 120 minutes.                       Click here for more.



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