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"Put an end to 'pain-management' and replace it with 'lasting relief'! Are you tired of recurring issues or living in constant agony? Decades of research & experience have led me to develop highly effective state of the art sessions, that combine clinical soft tissue manipulation with frequency medicine. Clients reach rehabilitative goals and improved quality of life, faster!"          
Ananda Fierro, LMT, CMT

Vibro-Acoustic Energy Healing

A gentle yet highly effective, State-of-the-Art approach to Energy Healing. Relieves or Eliminates: Anxiety, PTSD, Sleep Difficulties, Physical Aches/Pains, Depression, Grief. Combines: Therapeutic Reiki, Microcurrent Point Stimulation (FDA Approved) needle-free acupuncture/fascia release, Healy Frequency Programs (FDA cleared Medical Device) & Crystal Tones refined singing bowls. Face life with greater ease, centerdness & well-being!

Scar Tissue Release Therapy with MPS & Healy

FDA approved, MPS Dolphin Neurostim softens scars plus used for needle-free acupuncture. Therapeutic Fascia Massage, Essential Oils & Healy Frequencies make this a comprehensive, pain-free, deeply calming treatment for scars/adhesions. Texture of scars changes quickly, painful pulling decreases, circulation increases, nervous system calms, nourishes cells with lasting results. Benefits: surgical & burn scars, cesareans, punctures, grafts, adhesions, hematomas, and more. Sessions are: 90 minutes.

Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork

Releases adhesions, recurring issues that won't let go and post-surgery pain through Myofascial techniques and MPS Dolphin Neurostim. Myofascial for direct & careful hands on, and MPS to calm tissue and release adhesions. Refined Healy Frequencies are applied throughout to further calm the nervous system. In total, this is the most comprehensive approach to unwinding chronic pain for lasting results. Clients are simply astonished! Sessions are: 60, 90, or 120 minutes.                  

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