Its a wearable medical device, so it goes anywhere you go! Containing over 120 FDA cleared programs, its designed to harmonize your bioenergetic field in areas such as: Sleep, Mental Balance, Job, Pain, Skin, Beauty, Meridians, Learning, Fitness & more. 

Weather you suffer from physical or emotional conditions, or simply want to

optimize & maintain the health of you and your family, Healy is like having a

doctor in the palm of your hands. Every cell in our body is a small power plant

that constantly produces energy. The natural cell membrane voltage is very 

important. When voltage is low, body, mind & emotions are susceptible to

illness, inflammation, digestive distress, anxiety, depression, pain. Healy's 

programs have been refined in European clinical settings & used by over

                                      500.000 patients. Each is designed for specific areas, to

                                      balance and strengthen cells. Conditions naturally change

                                      which allows the body to heal. Using wrist bracelets or

                                      electrode pads, selected programs scan the body to

                                      determine correct amounts of frequency needed, then

                                      gently administers them. Even without bracelets or pads,

                                      one can scan the information (energy) field around the

                                      body and in seconds, those recommended frequencies

                                      can be delivered through the Healy itself. Clip onto your

                                      shirt or slip in a pocket, simple! A highly effective German 

                                      medical device almost anyone can use, pets included.        


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                                                                         Healy Puts Your Health Into Your Hands